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What happens if I get into a car accident while riding in an Uber/Lyft?

Thirty years ago, if you would have asked anyone if they would get into a stranger's personal vehicle and have that strange person take them home after a night out with friends, they probably would have said no. But today the world has changed. With progressive thinking and innovative technology, ridesharing has become a profitable, convenient, and for the most part safe way to get around. However, nothing in this world is perfect and mishaps do happen.

For instance, one day I had to go to work. That day I was running behind schedule so I decided to call an Uber instead of taking the train. To save some money I did an Uberpool since in a "drive" my work wasn't too far away and I figured I wouldn't be on a trip for too long. The Uber pulled up about six minutes after I ordered it and sure enough another passenger was sitting in the car already.The driver dropped the other passenger off first only a few miles from my job.

As he was backing out he hit something. He got out of his car and realized that he hit a big rock and busted one of his tires absolutely flat. When he told me he wouldn't be able to complete the ride, I went to the “support” tab on the Uber app. I clicked on the "I've been in an accident" suggestion. I jotted down a few details and took a picture of his tires. They credited me for the ride and I ordered another ride to get to work which was in front of me in a matter of minutes.

I was lucky enough that it wasn't an actual car crash. And even though it probably was a big pain in the butt to have your tire busted, it's better than any other damage that can happen to your car. On my way to work I wondered what would have happened if I was hurt?

When it comes to Uber, their policy when it comes to accidents are simple yet vague for drivers. First, they have three steps they want you to follow:

  • Check that all parties involved are safe.

  • Notify police and paramedics if necessary.

  • Contact Uber.

Once the driver does complete this, a team member from Uber will contact them. Uber will then send them an incident report form via email for Uber's insurance company. Before any investigation happens however, the driver needs to contact their own insurance company first and check with Uber's guidelines for collision and comprehensive regarding their own personal insurance. Then Uber's insurance company will investigate to see whether or not coverage can be provided.

Lyft is pretty similar with their process for drivers. Lyft makes it clear that if the app is off you are not covered. If the app is on and you are waiting for a ride then the coverage is as follows:

  • $50,000/person for bodily injury

  • $100,000/accident for bodily injury

  • $25,000/accident for property damage

If the app is on and you are picking up a passenger or actually in the middle of a ride then the coverage is as follows:

  • $1,000,000 for 3rd-party auto liability

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury and/or first-party coverage

  • Contingent comprehensive & collision up to the actual cash value of the car ($2,500 deductible)

Of course there are slight modifications to the policies for both Uber and Lyft according to the state, but what about the passengers? Uber and Lyft do not get too specific about that one.

I did some digging online and got some advice from a law firm in Philadelphia. They said to make sure to get as much information as you can about the accident, even making a list:

  • Your Lyft/Uber driver’s name, address, and phone number (some of which may be available in the app)

  • The other driver’s name, address, and phone number

  • The personal insurance information for your Lyft/Uber driver

  • Any insurance information you can get regarding Lyft/Uber’s own insurance

  • The other driver’s insurance information

  • Vehicle information (registration number, make, model, and license plate numbers) for any cars involved

  • Names, addresses, and phone numbers of any witnesses

  • If you are able, take pictures and notes regarding any injuries or vehicle damage

The reason is because depending on who is at fault and who is covered you need to have information from all three persons: your driver, the other driver, and the rideshare company you are using.

It’s always a good idea to get an attorney after being involved in an Uber/Lyft car accident. Don’t hesitate to call The Accident Girl. She will get the best attorneys on your case.

If you, or someone you know have been involved in an auto accident, call Your Accident Your Money at (888) 766-6398.

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