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What happens if the person who caused the accident doesn't have insurance?

No driver gets in their car and thinks, "I hope I get into an accident today." But unfortunately car accidents do happen. This is why it's essential to make sure you have proper motor insurance on your vehicle. However, not every driver on the road has insurance, and that can make things difficult for everyone else.

If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured driver- who is at fault, things don't have to

get ugly as long as you know the proper way to take care of the situation. First thing is to follow the procedure as you would if the person was insured.

· Call 911

· Take pictures of the accident.

· Note the make, model, and license plate number of the other vehicle.

· Swap information with the other driver. Get the other driver's name, number, and address. You may want to ask to see their driver's license/state ID for confirmation.

· Call your insurance provider to see what can be covered for this accident.

If you are someone who lives in a no-fault car insurance state then that means no matter who is at fault or who is insured, everyone is responsible for the damages done to their own property. This includes both vehicle damage and bodily injury. However, if you are in a traditional negligence state like Georgia for instance, you will have more

flexible options to help cover any damage or injury in the accident.

One thing to note is to never take an upfront payment from the other driver. A lot of the times

uninsured drivers will try to offer money in order to avoid going through insurance, court fees, fines, and/or getting the police involved. Since you really don't know how much everything will cost you yet, don't accept any monetary offers from the other party. Once you do understand the costs and how much your insurance will cover you can then bill the at-fault driver the appropriate costs.

There are two ways to do this:

1) Through uninsured motorist coverage. What is uninsured motorist coverage? It's coverage for when you are in an accident with an uninsured driver. It helps cover costs for bodily injuries to you and your passengers, medical bills, and loss of income. That is why insurance companies offer uninsured motorist coverage (UMC) as an option to add on to your own coverage. Actually, 20 states have it as a requirement. Most insurance companies only have a 30 day window for you to make a UMC claim so you may want hurry on it as soon as possible.

2) Through a lawsuit. Once your insurance company sends the final bill for everything, you can go ahead and pursue a lawsuit to the other party for the damages. In the case of a lawsuit, (or before then if you suffered serious injuries in the accident), it would be best to contact an attorney for assistance and legal advice.

We here at Your Accident Your Money will connect you to the best legal team in Georgia. If you, or someone you know have been involved in an auto accident, call Your Accident Your Money at (888) 766-6398.

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